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Our Process

In Just 5 Simple Steps

The Personal Tax Specialists team has developed an online, 5-step process that we use for every single income tax return.

The process is simple and easy for anyone to follow. No complicated tax jargon or faulty apps. It just works.

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5StepProcess | Online Tax
Step 1:
We make sure we have your personal details right

If you are a new Personal Tax Specialists client, simply complete our New Client Form which asks for the basic information we need to welcome and register you as a client for and get going with your online personal tax return. Once you submit this form, we’ll let the Tax Office know that you have become one of our clients.

If you are already one of our clients, we will email you our Quick Update Form at tax time each year. This form lists your details as we have them on our system. You just need to let us know if anything has changed.

Step 2:
We prepare your Personalised Tax Checklist

Next we contact the Tax Office to find out what information they already have about your income for this year. This may include PAYG payment summaries (supplied by your employer), and details of any interest or other investment income you received for the year.


We use this information and our knowledge of the deductions allowed for your specific occupation, to prepare your Tax Checklist as part of your personal online tax return. Your checklist will only ask questions that are relevant to you and may even prompt you to claim things you hadn’t thought of before. Use the checklist to record all of your income and expenses for the year.

If you have any questions at this point, you just need to add them to your checklist and one of our Tax Preparation Team members will contact you.

Step 3:
We prepare your Tax Return electronically

Once we have received all of the information we need from you, our Tax Preparation Team will prepare your tax return using our electronic Tax Agent software.

Every tax return prepared by our team then undergoes a quality assurance review to ensure that it is correct..

Step 3 will take a maximum of five working days to complete (provided we have all of the information we need from you).

Step 4:
We email your Tax Return to you for signing

Next, your tax return is saved as a PDF document (with password protection) and emailed to you to be checked and signed. At the same time we will email you our invoice for the preparation and lodgement of your return. You will need to pay us, either by making a direct deposit into our bank account or by providing us with your Visa or MasterCard details, before we lodge your online personal tax return; or if you prefer, we can deduct our fees from your tax refund once it arrives from the Tax Office, so you don’t have to worry about it (but an additional charge of $27.50 applies for this “fee from refund” option). On the day we receive your signed tax return, provided your account with us has been paid, we will lodge your tax return online with the Tax Office.

Step 5:
Your refund is paid into your bank account

Because we use the electronic lodgement system, the Tax Office will usually process your return and issue your assessment within two weeks. If you elect to have your refund paid straight into your bank account (which we suggest) you will often see it even earlier than that. If at any point throughout the 5-step process you find that you need help with anything at all, we are just an email, text, or phone call away.

By following this online accounting process, we ensure that your return is completed accurately and results in the best possible refund, with the least effort on your part.

If you’ve previously lodged your return with Personal Tax Specialists please start by completing this client update form.