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How much does an online tax return submission cost?

The fixed price for our standard preparation and lodgement of your individual income tax return is $220. Business income tax returns start from $330 as they have more worksheets and time involved.

Is lodging my tax return online safe?

Yes. Lodging online via the ATO portal or with a registered tax agent like Personal Tax Specialists is completely safe. All your data is securely encrypted and stored. Its convenient, safe and quick.

What deductions can I claim?

While there are standard deductions that most individuals can claim, many will depend on your profession. View our complete guide here.

How long will my online tax return preparation take?

With our 100% online process, your return should take you as little as 15 minutes to complete and within a few hours we will complete your return and send it to you for approval and lodge with the ATO. Once it has been submitted to the ATO it should be processed within 14 days.

How do I pick a good tax accountant?

  1.   Experience: Consider the accountant’s experience and expertise in handling personal tax returns and the specific tax issues you may have.
  2.   Deductions: Choose an accountant who knows what deductions your can legally claim and how to go about claiming them.

3.    Technology: Look for a tax accountant who uses modern technology, such as cloud-based systems, to manage your tax affairs and keep accurate records.

What if I don’t have time to get to an appointment?

No problem, our 5-step process is 100% online, with no traveling and no appointments!

What are your fees?

At Personal Tax Specialists, we know how annoying it is to get a bill for much more than you expected after your tax return has been completed; therefore, we charge a fixed price of $220 for the preparation and lodgment of all standard individual tax returns.  Fees for business income tax returns generally start at $450 because of the additional worksheets & time involved.

If you have investment properties, capital gains or losses, share or managed fund investments or extensive work-related deductions, we will charge an additional fee for the extra work involved in preparing your tax return.  Fees for such extra work can range from $55 to $110 per worksheet but we are always happy to quote in advance if requested.

If you are searching for the cheapest accountant, then that’s not us because our fee structure allows us to take the necessary time in order to achieve the best result.

To make it easy for you to pay our account, we offer 3 convenient options. You can either pay us by direct deposit into our bank account, by providing us with your Visa or MasterCard details or we can deduct our fees directly from your tax refund (There is an additional $27.50 charge for this fee deduction service).

What should I be claiming on my tax return?

When preparing your tax return, you can claim deductions for expenses related to your employment, such as:

  1.   Work-related expenses: This can include work-related travel, car expenses, home office expenses and uniform or protective clothing.
  2.   Self-education expenses: If you have incurred expenses while studying to maintain or improve your skills related to your current employment, you may be able to claim these as self-education expenses.
  3.   Donations: If you have made a donation to an approved charity, you may be able to claim a tax deduction.
  4.   Interest on investment loans: If you have borrowed money for the purpose of investing, you may be able to claim a deduction for the interest payments on your investment loan.

5.    Other work-related expenses: This can include union fees, subscriptions to professional organizations, and seminar or conference costs.

Why shouldn’t I just use MyTax?

While the MyTax portal provided by the Australian Tax Office (ATO) is a convenient and accessible option for individuals to prepare and lodge their own tax returns, there are a few reasons why you may want to consult with a tax agent:

  1.   Complexity: If your tax affairs are complex, such as having multiple income streams, investments, or business interests, it may be difficult to accurately complete your tax return using MyTax.
  2.   Incorrect Claims: Filing an incorrect tax return can result in fines, penalties, and audits. If you are not familiar with tax laws and regulations, you may accidentally make incorrect claims on your tax return using MyTax.
  3.   Missed Deductions: A tax accountant can help you identify and claim all eligible deductions, which can result in a lower tax bill. Using MyTax, you may miss out on potential deductions.
  4.   Time-consuming: Preparing a tax return can be time-consuming, especially if your tax affairs are complex. By using a tax accountant, you can save time and focus on other priorities.

5.    Peace of Mind: Hiring a tax accountant gives you peace of mind, knowing that your tax return is being prepared and lodged by a professional who is up-to-date with the latest tax laws and regulations.

Why won’t my accountant call me back?

If you are still not getting a response, it may be time to consider finding a new accountant who doesn’t require lengthy meetings and manual processing. Our 100% online process will put you back in the driver’s seat, no more waiting for calls or scheduling appointments.

How do I get started?

By simply following the link to our 5-step process, it is easy to understand and within minutes you will be ready to lodge.

How do I know my tax return is right?

Our team is highly trained and dedicated to continually updating our tax knowledge.  We follow carefully structured systems to ensure every tax return we prepare is correct and before your tax return is finalised. It will undergo a quality assurance review by a second accountant just to double check.

We take the time to make sure your return is right, because we know that your peace of mind is most important when dealing with the Tax Office.

Do you have a question we haven’t answered?

If you have a question that you would like answered by one of our team, just email us.  We look forward to helping you get the best tax results.