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The Personal Tax Specialists team has developed an online, 5-step process that we use for every single income tax return.
The process is simple and easy for anyone to follow. No complicated tax jargon or faulty apps. It just works.

Do you own a business?

If you operate a business and require our assistance with the preparation and lodgment of related tax returns, please contact us on 0428 339 764 to discuss your situation with a business specialist. They will advise you about the information we will require and give you an indication of our fee for this service. Our business specialists are qualified accountants with years of experience in providing advisory and taxation services to small businesses.

Even if you do not own a business, we may be the right tax accountants for you. To make sure, just answer the following five questions.

Do you earn income from investments?

This could include income from one or more rental properties, term deposits and shares or managed funds.

Personal Tax Specialists are experienced in rental property investments, capital gains tax and preparing tax returns for investors.

Do you spend more than $300 on work expenses each year?

Maybe you use your personal car for work related trips or you travel for work and have to pay for meals. Or you might have to buy computers, tools or equipment, mobile phones and uniforms?

Personal Tax Specialists are experts in claiming work related expenses. We will provide you with a detailed list of the tax deductions available for your specific industry, that way we make sure you don’t forget to claim anything and it may even prompt you to claim things you hadn’t thought of before.

Are you too busy to get to an appointment during business hours?

Would you prefer not to have to visit your accountant to get your tax done? Or would it be easier just to do your tax from your own home or office?

Personal Tax Specialists have clients throughout Australia. We ‘meet’ with our clients over the phone at a time that is convenient to them. And because we provide every client with comprehensive checklists to gather their tax information each year, often an appointment isn’t even necessary. (Please note, an additional fee will be charged for any phone appointments.)

Are you comfortable using a computer?

Do you have access to email?  Do you want to minimise the use of paper and help save the environment?

Personal Tax Specialists are committed to operating a paperless office and to minimising our impact on the environment. As part of this commitment, we communicate with our clients by email, text and phone, instead of by letter. Our clients actually find this more convenient and are inspired to minimise the use of paper in managing their own tax affairs.

Do you want to pay a fixed price for your tax return?

Do you want to know up front how much it will cost to prepare your tax return so there are no surprises?  Do you want to get expert tax advice from a qualified team of professionals?

When you appoint Personal Tax Specialists to prepare your tax return, we are quite happy to quote in advance of any job if required.  The team will also be available to answer any of your quick tax questions throughout the year, free of charge.

How did you go?

If you answered YES to one or more of these five questions, then Personal Tax Specialists are the right tax accountants for you. To become a client today, just complete our New Client Form.